Rules and Regulations

Alcohol is not allowed in public view, outdoors or indoors on the grounds. Meaning, no adult beverages may be consumed in view of other patrons of the facility.  
Special Event Exceptions:  If you are having a wedding or event that you would like to serve alcohol at, you must obtain a licensed and permitted service to provide this and name the Diocese and Nature Adventures Outfitters, Inc. as a named insured with a $1,000,000 minimum policy. 


Smoking is prohibited inside any of the facilities or tents.  Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.  If you choose to smoke, this is a leave no trace environment and all cigarette butts must be put out (cold) and disposed of properly in the proper receptacle.

Food at Campsites:  

All food must be put in "animal proof" containers, such as coolers that snap shut.  Raccoons will come and make sure you have taken care of this properly and will surely let you and us know if not.  


Must be contained to the fire rings provided.  No wood can be taken from the grounds.  You must purchase wood at our camp store or bring some with you.  All Campfires must be put completely "out" with water before leaving.  Additional fines can be charged to you if not. 


Fishing is allowed if you have a fishing license.  The lake requires a freshwater fishing license.  The intracoastal requires a saltwater license.  You must also sign a waiver upon entering the area at our store front.  

Minors must have an approved life jacket on at all times near the water.  We have some available at the camp store. 


Electronic Music or Car Stereo Music is not allowed to be played in the "open" unless you have a private event. Use your headphones if you need to.  Acoustic Guitars are welcomed occasionally if they do not disturb other campers.  

Quiet Time:  

10:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. 

Lights:  "Lights Out" are important to enjoy the moon and stars in this unique location.  
Please refrain from keeping your lanterns on all night. 

Violation of any Rules and Regulations can lead to your removal from the property without refund.  Removal will be at the discretion of Nature Adventure Outfitters or The Reformed Episcopal Church.

Nature Adventures Outfitters Inc. and The Reformed Episcopal Church Diocese reserve the right to refuse service to any individuals or groups.  We also recognize the federal anti-discrimination laws which state

"businesses can refuse any person for any reason with the exception of the classes below:

     At the national level, protected classes include:

           Race and Color

           National group or citizenship status

           Religion or Creed



          Disability, pregnancy, or genetic information

          Veteran status"

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The Nature Adventures Outfitters Adventure Center is partnered with The Reformed Episcopal Church Diocese of the Southeast.  The property is owned by The Reformed Episcopal Church.  For more information on The Reformed Episcopal Church Click Here

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